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donated to the cause of your choosing.

(Causes are listed below.)


Pet University sells animal wellness products and online pet wellness classes (pet paw balm/ pet first aid kits, etc.). https://www.petuniversitysd.org/blank


Support musician & spiritual vibes healer Ken Middler (Ken Middler Soul Journey) and his cause:

“I am working on reaching more audiences, and to heal more people. My music supports spiritual awareness, helping as well as healing others through the music of “Ken Middler Soul Journey”.

I am currently looking to build my own music and healing studio.

I will be dedicating a YouTube channel for this and filming my own music videos.

Close your eyes as you are listening and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through the medium of music that connects the physical universe to the spirit realm.”

Ken invites everyone to check on the progress of his healing studio and channel through his Twitter account, @MiddlerKen .

Current contributions received for this cause so far: $0.00

With your contribution from purchasing the listed products, you will support this cause and encourage healing music for all.

Support Pet University non-profit organization to promote pet education, to enhance animal and pet wellness, and their cause:

“Pet University teaches pet safety, pet first aid, and pet CPR.”

Pet University is currently looking to receive funding via donations. With the earnings via this site and your contribution from purchasing the art, photo, and listed works above, you will support the programs at Pet University. Such programs include, but are not limited to:

Pet CPR/First Aid Programs. (The class covers everything, from what to do if your pet is choking to how to treat a snake bite. One of the key things in this class is the importance of having first-aid kits in both your home and car/and a lesson on giving your pet a variation of the Heimlich if its choking.)

Puppy Play-Time Academy. (A program that specializes in puppy socialization. The program exposes your puppy to different people, places, sights, and sounds.)

Snout-To-Tail Assessment For Wellness. (The snout to tail wellness assessment is a systematic and deliberate method for evaluating and determining the current status of your pets overall health. This can also be a bonding experience for you and your pet.)

Puppy Kindergarten Classes. (These classes are taught by a professional dog trainer, and provide more than just instructions for housebreaking and positive reinforcement. They also provide a safe environment for puppy socialization.)

Pet Care Sheets. (Learn how to take care of your small animal with Pet University’s Care Sheets.)

Pet University invites you to check their progress on such programs and their newest updates via their Instagram, @petuniversitysd.

Current contributions received for this cause so far: $200.00

With your contribution from purchasing the listed products, you will support this cause and animal wellness.

To contact us, email us, or reach us on our Facebook page, at:


Facebook page: @barriosearchtfhd

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